Are your customers complaining? With nuvo your customers can complete their data upload without customer support.

Sick of handling
messy data?

nuvo’s AI-assisted data integration solution is embedded in your application and provides your clients with a fast and easy way to import, validate and clean their spreadsheet data with just a few clicks! No more endless email strings are required.

Better than any in-house import tool

Our library provides a large set of pre-built data hooks and building blocks for smart data validation, formatting and cleaning so you can easily configure your custom importer. We get you up and running in minutes, no matter the complexity of your data needs!

Sick of handling messy data? nuvo helps your users to import their data flawless.
Worried about data quality? The nuvo importer ensures the highest data quality as possible.

Worried about data security?

nuvo is the most security-conform data processing library in the market. Your customer’s data will stay on your side at any time.

The most privacy-conform data onboarding library in the world


The AI-supported file importer that changes your life

Implement our File Importer with just a few lines of code

Automatically match columns based on our smart recommendations

Clean and validate the final data before importing

Plug our nuvo importer into your web application

Shifting the effort to restructure data from one team to another, losing valuable time and motivation? Simply plug our file importer into your web application with a few lines of code and let your customer experience the most pleasant data onboarding experience possible.

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