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Data Validation

Normally, users have no idea that an error has occurred during import. With our built-in features, the user is alerted to where an error occurred and how to fix it. We support required, unique and regex fields as well as validation against your database.

visual for the column matching step of the nuvo importer


Column Matching

Imported columns are automatically mapped to your data schema columns using our intelligent matching model that adapts to your imports.


Data Cleaning

Our cleaning functions enable you to automate data cleaning & reformatting easily. Define custom functions which transform the imported values into the format your system requires. Convert dates, add prefixes or split and merge columns with only a few lines of code.

visual of the data validation step of the nuvo importer
visual of the data cleaning step of the nuvo importer

Addtional Features
of our nuvo importer

Addtional Features
of our nuvo importer

nuvo allows the import of up to five files with the same key. Hereby, nuvo supports unlimited file size and the formats: .xlsx, .xls and .csv

Customize our importer so it fits your corporate identity and design guidelines. Not only choose a primary or secondary color. But adjust every single section of the importer from the border radius to the hover animation.

nuvo is GDPR-conform and takes security very seriously. But we go one step further: We do not process any sensitive data of your customers, as our importer runs entirely on the client side.

Define your data schema to receive the imported data in the structure your system requires. If you need a unique & dynamic target data model for each customer, nuvo can provide this flexibility at run time.

Our importer can be integrated into your front end with ease. It is available for React, Vue, Angular & vanilla JavaScript and can be installed via a package manager such as NPM or Yarn, as well as via CDN.

It is essential for us that our customers create value fast with our product. Therefore, we offer extensive customer support and implementation help, also for non-enterprise customers.

The easiest way to build a smart spreadsheet importer

Other importing solutions are often limited in supporting large file sizes, restructuring files, reformatting formats & maintainability, which can lead to customer frustration and use up valuable developer capacity.

Increase data quality

Our smart column mapping & our cleaning functions ensure that you will receive the data in the right structure & the values in the correct format.

Create the best importing experience

Offer your customers an intuitive & fully responsive importer UI, which is entirely customizable, so that it fits your brand guidelines & corporate identity.

Save developing costs

Don't worry about maintainability or dependency issues with newer package versions. We take care about that, so that you don't need to worry and you save your developer resources.

Save time of your customer success team

By cleaning & restructuring the data during the import process, you save time of your customer support team & help customers to use your product faster.

Our mission

We create the best possible file import experience for your customers.

How it works

Create your PoC in 90 minutes

Get started with ease and create your custom PoC to see the value. We support you with the implementation, and the best is, it is free for you.

step 1Define importer settings

Adjust our importer, so it fits your use case the most. The definition of the importer settings takes around 10 minutes.

step 2Create target data model

Define which data points you want to receive. Create your target data model including validation rules, column types and descriptions in 25 minutes.

step 3Set up cleaning functions

If needed, set up custom data manipulation, cleaning rules & column-cross dependencies in 45 minutes for a sophisticated PoC.

step 4Embed in your application

Integrate the importer code snippet into your application & start importing data. For a PoC, you should manage this in 10 minutes.

Everything product managers need to know about data onboarding

Data onboarding is one of the first meaningful interactions with your product. When there are obstacles, challenges lie ahead.

Guide to importing data from nuvo
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Highest data security standards

The frontend processing of your customer’s data ensures the highest security by keeping third-party servers untouched.

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